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Friday 23 October 2020

18mm scifi Scratchbuilt grav vehicles from scrap

Hello again all,
These are my 18mm scifi Scratchbuilt grav vehicles from scrap
The main body is made from the front plastic covers of old desktop computers.
They're polystyrene so easily cut and glued . Card and milk bottle carton cap. 
Missile racks and point defences from sprue, pvc & pc connectors.

I made the command apc with functioning rear door.

Simple yet effective. 3 Scudo Apc's for my Arditi & 1 Gladio medium tank.

I will do grav sleds for Mecha transport also.

Thanks for your comments.

And here they are all painted up. A word of advise, if you are going to use Polythene caps ( generally soft shiny plastic ) you have to use screws, forget about gluing them ( I tried a 100 times & failed , wood screws work wonders). The cracked tan paint is an experiment, watered down crackle paint mix.
Works well but flakes off in some places :(. Varnish helps it to stick.


  1. These are great! I really like the attention to detail you've got here. Good work!

  2. Thanks Toby,
    Glad you like them...As you can see they are made from scrap... so 100% gain.
    If I were to choose between scratch building & buying models , I think I would choose the former.
    I do buy models ( in fact I have loads stills to build ) but I think everyone should try scratch building also as it is very satisfying.
    Once finished , one can say "I" built this "unique" model.

    Detail is great to have but sometimes I do go over the top. ;) . I must learn to know when it is enough.