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Friday 23 October 2020

Arditi - 18mm - Italian Scifi Special forces

These are based on GZG's superb Eurasian Solar Union troops.
I love these minis with their large helmets & backpacks.
As are the "Black Bear " power armour. ( photos show still to be weathered numbers)
I decided to do them as Italian forces as this faction is rarely seen in sci-fi.

And my personal favourite the Savoia Marchetti Lambretta XL jetbike

The leader & adjutant are from Brigade's Fasolini brigade. Very nice
minis also, most probably by the same sculptor. The leader represents 
a grizzled old high born veteran, Il Duca Guglielmo Vazarini di Manoforte ( Duke William )
Arditi ( Bold or daring ) is the name given to particular WW1 Italian troops. 

The Mecha are from Ion Age. Also solid nice models 

White undercoat, Reddish brown base and W&N peat brown washes.
Black + grey helmets & boots.
Dark grey weapons

Mecha done as above plus Tamiya dark brown panel wash

The leaves on the base are the madiera vine flowers and I put them one by one ... yes a trial of patience 
but well worth the effort 

 Thanks for your comments. 


  1. Awesome work, love the force composition - good for a range scuffles.

  2. Great stuff, Zrune! I love the mechas!

  3. I like the red! Red always looks good on sci fi stuff. Never seen the ESU regular army painted yet.

  4. Thanks for the comments guys.
    These are one of my fav gzg factions & the AA mechas fit
    Love the Esu helmet design.
    Must paint the vehicles next.