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Thursday 22 October 2020

Glow trees

So I planted a a creeper plant called Madiera vine & discovered that it produces tubers.
In nature these fall off to create more plants. Its very small flowers become brown when dry & are 
good for terrain ( but get everywhere the wind takes them even inside !! ) 

So I decided to pluck some off spray them with a fluorescent varnish usually used for Christmas decorations and did some terrain.

I think they do glow nicely and can add atmosphere to a game especially for an unusual setting.

Thanks for your comments.


  1. Okay those are rather creepy looking but they look great at the same time!

  2. These look amazing mate! Really gnarly looking things. The glowing effect is great too! Are they native to your part of the world?

    It's interesting, as a foreigner, to see plants of different types that grow around the world. When you're not familiar with them they instantly seem perfect as terrain for alien worlds.

    I'm actually in the process of collecting seed pods/bark etcetera for terrain purposes at this time as well! Just trying to figure out how to halt the germination process with some of the seeds. Heat is not an option for Aus plants, as that's exactly what causes them to germinate. More research online is required, perhaps a visit to the nursery as well.

    Cheers mate :)

  3. Creepy but nice indeed Doug.I had to eventually chop down the vine.As it had become a pest & was taking over.

    A pity as it is a Beautiful plant with large dark green fleshy leaves but with 1000's of small 3mm flowers that attract flies by the dozen & get everywhere when dry & get blown away with the wind.

    How about freezing them Mr.P ? Freezing will dry them & most probably kill the germination.I have tried this with leek roots with good effects.