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Thursday 28 July 2022

18mm Cultists

These are from Duncan Shadow .
Very nice minis & in parts so would be great for 28mm games like Silver bayonet.
I got parts from other models so as to make them more modern as the minis are equipped for fantasy ( e.g. bows ) though the knives can be used in any setting.
Again as I said before, I print 18mm as whole minis. Quite like how they came out & will do more with daggers & an Hmg, perhaps.
The metal mini is an 18mm GZG model.

More painted models

Here we see one of the preachers of the word being transformed into a creature from another dimension/warp ( result could be random - from a squirming tentacle to a fully fledged demon. The demon is a fantasy metal mini.

Here's a model I kitbashed Doris the sad eyed familiar.

Thanks for your comments.

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