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Thursday 28 July 2022

18mm Scifi Raygun Raptors

I got these Raygun Raptors on KS last year & finally decided to do them out in 18mm.
Quite nice minis with a lot of variation and quite unique weaponry.
They come in parts & it does take quite some time to build them in 3D builder. I almost always print
whole 18mm minis. Printing parts is for 28/32mm. Too fiddly to glue.

These are the stormtroopers & the metal mini is a GZG one.

Here are some more.

 Thanks for your comments. 


  1. I like them! They're pretty crazy but they look like the kind of creatures that might be working with the Tau. The choice of colours is really good.

  2. Thanks Toby... working with Tau? Now that is an interesting idea... I might just do that 😉


  3. Or they might be used a Tau proxies.... hmmm