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Monday 25 July 2022

GZG New Israelis 18mm Scifi

These minis which remind me of the Spartans in Halo are some of the nicest & beefiest around. They complement the light infantry perfectly ( 3rd pic from last ).  Their Golem Power armour ( last 2 pics ) are quite nice also. The separately moulded arms/weapons add variety but these types of minis are becoming too fiddly for me to superglue.😓

What can I say I love metal minis as they beat 3d printed ones hands down because they are heftier. Having said that, plastic ( i.e. polystyrene) ones are much more versatile for converting etc.

I had a stack of them & it was quite a job to finish them but perseverance pays out in the end. I printed some design compatible Banshee mechs as battle suits. These are superb & free

 Thanks for your comments. Z

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