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Monday 25 July 2022

18mm Gitungi Mechs - 3D Printed

Hello again all,
These are my take on Gitungi mechs.

I found an art model on sale at Daz3d and since it is very similar to a Gitungi decided to convert it to a 3mf then to stl. The crew are converted from a DutchMogul model.

Models made for art purposes ( & there are splendid ones to be found ) are usually more finely detailed than those designed for printing so I had to remove tiny parts which would prove problematic in printing & strengthen the ankles etc. It does take time but worth it in the end.

I think it fits the bill perfectly.

It is not all a bed of roses. Resin printing reminds me of the Win95 play with words " Plug & Pray " instead of " Plug & play ".

Went to print some more - same model - 3 failures ( both with missing fist arm, one seems to have met Dart Vader !! & the other just supports remained ) & 2 damaged Fep later. 

Only the Gods of printing know what happened...... printed 2 more arms & I will use the cut one in a diorama or something.

Thanks for your comments. 

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