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Monday 11 July 2022

3D printed droids - 18mm from Papsikels

Hello again all,
These are from Papsikels.
I must say that they do some very nice & diverse droids/robots. Super for scifi & cyberpunk.
Will post more of their models. They are designed for 28/32mm but as you can see they work great in 18mm.  

And here are some more from Papsikels.

And some more of their robotic goodness 

Thanks for your comments. Z


  1. Wow! These are cool looking minis Zruny! I really like your paint job on them too! Nice deep blue fading into red. Nice stuff mate 🥰

  2. Hey Mr.P,
    So good to hear from you my friend, it's been ages since we talked.
    Thanks mate, I agree with you :) , the blue fading into red really did come out nice. 3D printing does open lots of venues.....
    See ya

  3. These are really nice - good models and the painting is cool. I particularly like the green lenses.

    (Hello Mr Papafakis, incidentally!)

    1. Thanks Toby.
      I like how they came out, also.