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Thursday 29 June 2023

15/18mm Scale Pipelines - Finished

Hello again all,
Here they are all finished.  See the previous post.
I tried something different this time. Instead of starting with a dark undercoat I started with a silver one. Then added dark green, blue black, brown etc.

Thanks for your comments.


  1. Great colour scheme mate! Is it navy blue or dark green? Have you shown the table that you're playing on in the past? The grid system, like concrete, looks cool. The sci-fi script and markings really elevates the overall effect as well. How'd the different paint method work out for you? Will you paint this way going forward? So many questions I know :D

    Well done Mr Zruny!

  2. Thanks Mr.P,
    Both blue black & dark green. Dark brown added in also . Basically I was using the spray can colours which I hadn't used for some time. I didn't like them on vehicles or minis but on terrain they come out quite good. Then drybrush with a lighter blues. Repeat.
    I bought the board as a pdf from the Lazy Forger then printed it, but I can't find the link ( if it is still available for sale !!).
    This link might help, though
    I have been painting stuff like this for quite some . I always use mixed media but the one thing I like best is mixing my own washes/filters. I used these a lot on the pipelines.

    Here's how ( proportions depend on what you want to achieve)
    - Concentrated tile grout colour ( cheap but goes a long way. Takes time to remove stains from fingers ;)
    - Sandstone acrylic transparent sealer ( this is the bulk of the mix )
    - Matt medium ( I use W&N large bottle, well worth the price for the amount you get).
    - Vallejo flow improver ( few drops) or distilled ( a/c water ) + few drops of dishwashing soap.

    Obviously you can add other acrylic colours to get what you want. For e.g., my fav rust colour bases are Vallejo orange colours & GW Ryza rust drybrush.

    Yes one MUST trawl the internet for pics ( loads of dedicated sites are available ). Sometimes I print on thin white paper or on clear/white decal paper. Depends what I want to achieve.

    This should answer some of your questions ( at least for now ;) ...:):):).. if you have more just ask.

    Have a great weekend

  3. To add another comment, I discovered that the best rust medium I have is real rust dissolved in white vinegar, though I suppose you can use the brown stuff also, as long as it is acidic.
    I use white vinegar to remove rust from ferrous objects, for e.g. ., bolts & nuts & the residue is great to use as rust.