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Thursday 29 June 2023

Puppetwar 3d printed 18mm Enforcers

These are my Puppetwar 3d printed 18mm Enforcers. They are printed at approximately 22mm so as to compare well to my 18mm human metal minis. This is the same scale I use for Wh40k .
Humans -18mm, Space Marines 22mm, Terminators 25mm etc. 2 Euro cent piece for scale.

Puppetwar make great minis but obviously scaling down , 3D printing. kitbashing, building & painting them at 18mm scale has its pros & cons.  
I really wish they would do scaled down ready built 18mm versions.  Others do it so I would not think it is difficult to do. 

Printing them at 32mm or bigger really shows their detail & they would be good as WH40K proxies.
The Bushi one, shown below & painted as a White Scar is a great example ( this mini was printed , so to say, out of the box as is & came out at around 40mm ) . Their minis are designed for their system , so keep this in mind if you are going to print them as proxies.

The mechs are great designs also. I modded one with open visor, just added 2 pistons.
Now they have larger ones which I still need to print.

Thanks for your comments.

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