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Monday, 30 January 2023

Please identify these 28mm scifi minis.

Can anyone, please identify these minis &who is producing them now ?

As far as I know they were made by Hasslefree & then sold to another UK based company, though I have no idea who .


15/18mm Scale Pipelines

Hello again all,
Here is my latest bit of terrain.
Generic Pipelines.

Various bits & bobs used including spice containers, a/c drain pipes, 3D printed resized pipes & fittings , balloon 6mm diameter tubes & card. The computer terminals are from Antenocities. 5mm ( hole size) chicken wire was used for the railings.

White PVA was mostly used with CA for the magnets.

The bases are made of double Pinsa box card ( just fyi Pinsa is a rectangular type of pizza native of Rome ). So if you can get hold of this type of box card it is some of the best around. Much sturdier than normal pizza card.... and it is obviously recyclable. I stuck mosquito netting to it to add texture.

Almost all the bits have 4mm magnets. Almost all because I made a mistake with the orientation of some of them 😒  ( now I've made a jig with 2 magnets & sprue to avoid just this ... about time !!! )
Anyway, to counter act this I used the heads of old 4 to 5'' nails ( cut down to size ) & 1 euro cents stuck to some of the pipes or terrain.

I plan to use these with my power station 

and my guard tower & fence

Thanks for your comments. 

Sunday, 6 November 2022

3D printed 18mm Starcraft Marines

I found these on thingyverse, I think.
Very nice , chonky &  free models.

I modded some of them to have a squad of 10. Not all of them printed perfectly ( the revolvers, which is a pity ) but they are passable . 

Thanks for your comments. 

Puppetwars 3D printed 18mm Power Armour

Hello again all,
These are 3D printed 18mm Power Armou from Puppetwars 
Very nice chonky models.

I love Puppetwars as their stuff both in resin & digital is very detailed. 

Thanks for your comments. 

Thursday, 20 October 2022

KMFP Chonky 18mm Scouts & Papsikels Droids

These are KMFP Chonky 18mm Scouts & Papsikels Droids.

I gave the scouts different heads. I am starting to like chonky minis as they are not fragile as true 15/18.
The camo painted ones are special forces.
The papsikels droids are great minis but as usual I had to shore up delicate parts like ankles etc to make them print better / sturdier.. 
I added mag locked magazines to their backs & built the hmg.

Here are the smaller versions, came out quite nice also. I modded most of them to have different poses in 3D Builder.

Thank for your comments.