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Friday 12 August 2016

All kinds of terrain.

Hello again All,
I thought to share pics of some of my terrain .I enjoy building terrain so I have made quite a collection along the years.
I think that using natural items is one of the most rewarding when building terrain. Anyway enjoy & if you have questions do not hesitate to ask.
I normally do terrain that can be used in various scales. I use milliput, Das Clay, expanding foam, expanded polystyrene, plaster of Paris, papier Mache & whatever comes in hand :)

May you be inspired.

The few ones with flowers are from Kromlech ( I think) the rest are all hand made Milliput / GS, yes ALL hand made one by one, so that no 2 are the same. Better than a fidget gizmo to alleviate stress :)

Shanty town, expanded poly packaging and corrugated cardboard.

Marsh - Resin & various sizes of dessicant balls

Buddha souvenir

Broom bristles ( natural not synthetic )

Dried stained Garlic roots.

Lava cones  - Molten plastic, resin & coloured pencil shavings

Hand sculpted fibre glass. This will be made into a 4 x 4 board.

Rough terrain - Natural rocks , seed pods , foam alien growth etc.

LImestone sawn into small pieces & used to build walls.

Nids towers - Originally a plant shoot.

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