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Sunday 20 April 2014

Scratchbuilt Hover vehicles.

Just finished these Hover vehicles.
Mdf & card.Plastic medicine spoon turrets.Pill box ( as in the plastic pill containers ) hatches & Lollipop stick barrels . Mdf can be made smoother with sandpaper. Be careful of the dust generated.

Scout car , I'll built an lower open top version next.

Same system as others 10mm Mdf & card.Mdf was varnished 2 times after basic shapes where made.

As you can see only your imagination is the limit.

Making my own models makes me appreciate even more the work put in all the minis one finds on the market and they deserve all our support .Would still like to get  Gzg's , Ainsty & Brigade ( the ones I don't have ) Hover Vechiles very much ... & like everyone else I can't wait for the release of Khurasan's hover ones also.

Mdf base cut to basic shape & sandpapered.Slots made with a file.

The oval shaped porthole is the shape of my steel ruler's hanging hole. Keep your eyes open for anything that can be used as a template , beer can pull ring, sardine tin ring, corned beef key etc etc.

Cannon on SPG is made from the inside insulating plastic found in co-axial TV aerial cables.The copper wire found in the centre is great for figure armatures ,springs etc.


  1. Nice! I've commented on the hover skirts on TMP, but overall these look great. The plates-over-plates design looks good and helps embellish the simpler shapes underneath...

  2. very cool, will look great painted up.