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Saturday 20 June 2015

15mm Brigade - SBEF Power Armour , NSL Apc's & Scratchbuilt Radar.

I have just finished some new stuff -

A) NSL Apc's to go with my GZG Nsl  - had some Matchbox Sdkfz 251 & 250's for years ( some 30 years !!!) and decided to convert them to sci-fi . All 3 have scratchbuilt turrets.

B)A Scratchbuilt Radar made from card Found this model on the Internet but I forgot where and modified it.Works well for 15,20 & 28mm . I added a magnet & a washer so that it can turn.

C)SBEF ( Space British Expeditionary Force) Power Armour from Brigade minis to go with my Armies Army Brits.These are great minis and the only thing I added was a slot for vision made with a sharp screwdriver ,as I always found the plain visor was well,plain.

Z  .