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Sunday 1 December 2019

Single Hex Card Terrain 6 to 25mm

Hello again all,
Here is Single Hex Terrain 6 to 25mm. Very handy for doing a quick game.
I stuck mine to card & added black paper to the back, Then sprayed with matt varnish for protection.

I found the original on the internet & then did my own to maximise prints on an A4.
I added a hex of my own also ( the Y )
Hexes come out approximately 65mm on an A4.

See pics with Micropanzer 15mm  & Loud Ninja 15mm. The small bases are 2 euro cents.
Can be used for 6 or 10mm also.

I'm including the original art to whom the credit is due.This was based for Lost patrol / space hulk.

Thanks for your comments.