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Wednesday 30 December 2015

15mm scifi GZG, Armies Army - PanOceania minis & other stuff

Hello again all,
Last post of the year of my still wip minis
  • Here is some Pan Oceania minis in Urban camo. All mechs are the one which I had scratch built and shown in other posts . The vehicles are heavily converted matchbox 1/76th WW2 Humbers.
  • The scientist, assistants & guards are converted AA ( now Brigade) penal legion . As you can see they come out great with the addition of very thin paper smocks. Imho these are some of the most versatile minis I have had the pleasure to work with and I wish they would be expanded. See my other post where I swapped some of their heads with the new Brigade tankers.
  • The Antigrav Apc is to go with a project for my Khurasan Feds.
  • The tracked power fork lifter and power arm lifter are also scratch built for my colonials , complete with hydraulic pistons and wipers :):):)
  • The corrugated defense is for another project I have a compound.
Enjoy and all the very best for the New year.