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Saturday 31 May 2014

Using Milliput for 15mm - Minis & Power Armour

Hello again these are some of the things I did in 15mm scale in milliput.
I prefer Milliput to Greenstuff as it is more"solid" for want of a better word, I find GS remain to soft for my taste, whilst Milliput hardens solid & can be carved, filed etc.Having said that GS can be easily cut so it has its uses.
I prefer to do some work on hard putty  rather than on soft.
I have used mixes of Milliput & GS with various degrees of success but prefer to mix it with plasticine.
Still have to try Procreate.

Sunday 25 May 2014

Ork mega Tank

Hello all,
I was so engrossed on finishing the ork army I completely forgot about this but here are the work in progress pics.

here are all the armour pieces all layed out. Rivets have been done already as they're easier to do on when the parts are flat.

Basic block of wood with 1st layer of card stuck to it

Main turret + gun, front firing big gun & 2 hy mg turrets
Rear access hatch

How to paint 15mm minis

Here is how I paint my 15mm.

On this example I'll be using a black base.I will not specify paint or ink brands as I use various makes and personal choice of colours depends on taste & availability.
Obviously if you want a brighter shade of end colour use a grey or a white undercoat.
 For e.g. Red is subdued on a black or grey base but bright on a white one
Hope you find this small tutorial useful & as always may you be inspired.

Black base, Gun metal dry brush
Base colours are done, followed by ink washes

Now you have the choice of either waiting for the inks to dry OR paint wet on wet.

Wet on wet is basically blending paint on the still wet ink but be warned this requires a lot of practice to do right.
Basic colours are done again with the ink left showing.You can stop here , with this system I can paint 10 to 20 minis a day depending on the finish I want, so one can build an army quite quickly. Let's face it 15mm is much more forgiving than 28mm & the mistakes or oversights are only visible when photographed. Eg. I didn't even see  the mould lines so I didn't scrape them off !!!

Finished model , I added highlights to brows, lips, ears, pouches & painted the chain & pedant, yes this mini has a pndant hanging from his neck. Goes to show the sculptors skill.

A Tale of a 1000 Rivets - Scifi Ork Scratchbuilds Part 3

Here are the pics of the finished vehicles.
As usual may you be inspired.....