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Thursday 29 June 2023

15/18mm Scale Pipelines - Finished

Hello again all,
Here they are all finished.  See the previous post.
I tried something different this time. Instead of starting with a dark undercoat I started with a silver one. Then added dark green, blue black, brown etc.

Thanks for your comments.

Puppetwar 3d printed 18mm Strikers

These are my Puppetwar 3d printed 18mm Strikers .
They are printed at approximately 22mm so as to compare well to my 18mm human metal minis. This is the same scale I use for Wh40k .
Humans -18mm, Space Marines 22mm, Terminators 25mm etc. 2 Euro cent piece for scale.

Puppetwar make great minis but obviously scaling down , 3D printing. kitbashing, building & painting them at 18mm scale has its pros & cons.  
I really wish they would do scaled down ready built 18mm versions.  Others do it so I would not think it is difficult to do. 

Printing them at 32mm or bigger really shows their detail & they would be good as WH40K proxies.
The Bushi one, shown below & painted as a White Scar is a great example ( this mini was printed , so to say, out of the box as is & came out at around 40mm ) . Their minis are designed for their system , so keep this in mind if you are going to print them as proxies.

The mechs are great designs also. I modded one with open visor, just added 2 pistons.
Now they have larger ones which I still need to print. 

Thanks for your comments.