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Thursday 20 October 2022

KMFP Chonky 18mm Scouts & Papsikels Droids

These are KMFP Chonky 18mm Scouts & Papsikels Droids.

I gave the scouts different heads, some bits form Anvil Industry Digital. Anvil industry are great for kitbashing as they do integrate a lot of multi shells in their minis.
I am starting to like chonky minis as they are not fragile as true 15/18.
The camo painted ones are special forces.
The papsikels droids are great minis but as usual I had to shore up delicate parts like ankles etc to make them print better / sturdier.. 
I added mag locked magazines to their backs & built the hmg.

Here are the smaller versions, came out quite nice also. I modded most of them to have different poses in 3D Builder.

Thank for your comments.


Brethren of The New Light 18mm GZG Scifi

These are the Brethren of The New Light from GZG.
Lovely minis. I quite like the LMG with the bren gun type mag.
I would say they can be used for Sci-Fi, Alternate WW2 , Hammer Slammers& Star Wars rebels.

Thanks for your comments.