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Saturday 29 January 2022

18mm Scifi GZG CDF.

Another nicely sculpted set of minis from GZG.
When these came out , I said that they would be great for near future British troops, especially since the helmets are similar to modern British ones.

The Mechs are scratchbuilt ( had them for around 7 years waiting to be painted )

& the vehicles are heavily converted 

I decided to use natural terrain material instead of paste as in previous posts.
The terrain is all natural dried vine leaves & other dried organic material put through a metal sieve to make it as thin as possible, the metal sieve acts as a grater so only fine particles go through.

The bushes are hand made using synthetic grass, white glue & a credit card.
Just put drops of white glue on the credit card , sprinkle then press with another credit card, shake off excess, form them into nice rounded individual shapes with a thin flat tool whilst still wet, sprinkle more material. I use a piece of clear Perspex rubbed vigorously on a woollen jersey ( i.e. your sleeve ) to generate static electricity to gently pull up the individual strands. Once dry, you have individual bushes. Just shave them off & glue them with Pva. You will end up with a credit card size worth of bushes. The green material is synthetic , the straw coloured is dried natural material.

Here are the special forces - 

Normal Mechs

Thanks for your comments. Z

Tuesday 25 January 2022

18mm Gzg Crusty Aliens.

Who doesn't like District 9?
These are my crusty aliens (Prawns) from Gzg . 
Again another great set of minis from Jon.

The mechs are especially nice.

Thanks for your comments. 

Monday 24 January 2022

15/18mm Scifi Home Away Team - Team Goran

Hello again all,
Here is the next team.
All models are scratchbuilt. I have posted them in my previous posts.

Goran the levitating human/psyker mutant ( the base represents psychically moved air ), Georgey the Elefant cyborg & the 2 droids.
Droids are made out of plastic sprue & minis from milliput & Green Stuff.

Thanks for your comments.

Saturday 22 January 2022

18mm Scifi Pan Akrikaan Union

Hello again all,
Here are my Afrikaans.

Dark brown used throughout. Photos came a bit dark....
Minis are Gzg Pau. Lovely minis as usual.

Vehicles are Matchbox & converted jeeps.
Mechs & Power Armour are 3d printed models & modified/converted using card, plastic sprue etc.
Artillery is scratchbuilt.

3D printing is a great start for making base minis & then converting them, so much easier to do....... as I only have basic 3d skills ;)

Thanks for your comments.