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Friday 28 October 2016

Scratchbuilt Sprue Stuff including A guard tower + Fence + gate

Hello again all,
Here are some items I built with sprue mostly.
A guard tower + Fence + gate ( complete with Floodlights & Sirens ). With hind sight it is better to use nylon mesh as metal mesh ( like I used) gets warped easily.
Crash Barriers for roads.
A Robot ( white plastic are bits of a plastic spoon)
Robot legs ( for more builds)
Mecha Bodies( includes PVC + card )
Light Mecha PVC + Sprue
Spider drones ( heads are BB balls ).
A Robot called Spencer - Plastic Sprue
and finally Rubble ( the easiest to do )

Simple but effective.. Go Ahead you know you want to make some....

Here are more pics of the finished compound , Stalag S.P.r 101 , I have included a command post ( card etc. with removable roof & automated sentry gun turrets ( plaster of Paris ,card & PVC ) .
Will make a nice centre piece if I may say so. Quite happy with it.

Now all I have to do is build some huts.

Light Mecha PVC + Sprue

A Robot called Spencer - Plastic Sprue

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