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Saturday 25 May 2019

Nuclear Shrimp 15/18mm Tecton Knights

Got my order from Nuclear Shrimp. One of the most satisfying KS I ever supported.
Here is a review of their 15/18mm Tecton knights.

Lovely minis with minimal flash ( simply remove with a toothbrush ). They are absolutely bad asses & would make great primaris marines. See the size comparison to Khurasan faux Terminators.

I converted 3 of them ( 1 M/L & 2 Nco's ) to have more variety. I converted the leader by adding a Warlord games 25mm head & shield as I did not like his head or shield. His is more Ultramarine now.

The resin is very easy to saw ( I use a jeweller's saw ) cut, file & glue with superglue.
I mounted them on 25mm bases to make them more imposing.

Thanks for your comments. Z

GW Sicarian Infiltrators & converted Rustwalkers.

Hello again all,
Here is my take on GW Sicarian Infiltrators & converted Rustwalkers.
Imho one of their best kits with loads of extra parts.

So I put them to great use , I scratchbuilt a unit of rustwalkers & 1 princips using plastic sprue for the legs & arms & milliput/gs for the body etc.

I had 2 Dominus so I converted him also.

These teams are designed for Killteam & painted to gaming table standard.

As you can see they are very effective as minis go.

Thanks for your comments. Z

Thursday 23 May 2019

Sisters of Battle

I had these minis for years, ever since they came out in the late 90's.
I had painted some years back & finally decided to do the ones I had left.

The red ones & the cloaked canoness were done around 15 years ago ( or more ) & the blue ones this month and I wanted to share them with you. Though the pics didn't come out that bad , they don't do justice to the models. Jes Goodwin is one of the best sculptors ever in my opinion.

Thanks for your comments. Z

Sunday 5 May 2019

15mm 08 - New Vistula Legion ( NVL)

Hello again all,
Been some time since I posted.
Here is my latest army.
The infantry are NVL  from O8 ( Assault Publishing )
The vehicles are  Scratchbuilt. see here also

The mecha are EM4 plastic ones ( which I used in previous builds ) with Warlord plastic Ghar heads.

The drones are vintage 1991 heavy jetpacks by a now defunct company.

Thanks for your comments. Z