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Thursday 21 September 2017

Assault Hover Craft

Hello again all,
And yet another project which  I have almost finished.

Scratchbuilt Assault Hover Craft.
One is a small cabin light weapon 8 man craft & the other is a larger heavy weapon 5 man one.

Oh & if your wondering where i got the parts.... here's the list.

The hull is made from the plastic of a CRT monitor anti eye strain screen ( remember those mesh like ones that used to darken monitors ? ) It takes Poly glue , what more could you ask for ? :):):)
The floor is a piece of VHS video tape.
The Cabins are plaster of paris + card
The hatch is the top of a pen cap.
and the weapons & the crew are AA ones.

Perhaps you remember that beach painting I did, well the plan is to have these, converted WW2 Buffalos, Landing craft etc.

And here is the first test paint job - naval dazzle camo... still a wip, with loads of work left to do ..

Tell me what you think
Thanks for your comments.

Scratchbuilt 15mm Serpentia Alternative Vehicles

Hello again all,
A friend asked why I had used the human type vehicles for my Serpentia & I replied I would build snake men specific ones.
Well here's my wip on them.

2 sizes of washing m/c drain pipes ( just look on the lovely internal detail on the grey pipe )
Top of a plastic bottle ( to fit hose to front piece )
A lemon juice cap ( rear hatch ) ( Removed & made a card one )
Scratchbuilt front piece. ( plaster of paris & card )
I will need to add light & heavy weapons next...

More Wip pics posted.. undercoated in grey primer.

And here they are as promised my friends ..... I had to add small flt bases to them as they were wobbling over.
Sandstone, Buff, Carmine Oil colour diluted with non stink type W&N turp wash turns the sandstone colour to a pinkish hue, W&N ultramarine . Windshields made with Pearlescent paint + Ultramarine.... The base was done in cracked sandstone then given a wash of carmine.

Tell me what you think .
Your feedback is welcome.
Thanks for your comments. Z

Thursday 14 September 2017

More Hunchback Mechs

Hello again all
I liked how the 1st one came out so much that I decided to make 3 more.

I have inserted the pic that inspired me to build it. As you can see mine is squatter with shorter arms. I also did away with all those fiddly details as it wouldn't make sense to model them for a gaming standard model in 15mm.

Picture the story - Menelaws ( Lahws not Laws ) a Starport Tek has just finished his shift & is going back to his quarters . He is using his service mech "Zee" as transport & to carry his stuff especially his heavy tool box. Luckily he always carries his Stun Carbine with him & from his high vantage point he has managed to bag a couple of stiff tails ( Stiff Tailed Port Rats ... aka fleabags ) ..... Supper

Then there is one with what looks like a garbage tank & one with a field generator.


Thanks for your comments. Z