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Saturday 2 July 2016

ATV's ,Starport Stuff, Professor & Goons

Here are the ATV's finished ... I added other Star port stuff also
Lost sleep to finish these & Lander 2 but I think it was worth it.

Went nearly mad to make that free dangling bucket on the green one but I like it. It has almost everything on it bar the kitchen sink but I envisage it as a prospectors/miner's vehicle and so equipped to the full.

The Red one is an exploration vehicle, something like a Mars rover.

Everything used on them is scratch built.and I really like how the suspensions came out . The wheels could have come out better but they'll do especially when painted & weathered

The Prof & gang have been retouched & the cargo is all scratch built also.

The Star port was a Free Star wars Miniatures floor plan Download which I printed & stuck onto a 2 1/2 ft square thick card.

 The ATV is now complete with a trailer. Main body is an HP Inkjet ink cartridge.


See the bucket dangles!!!


  1. Excellent! Love the cargo handlers!

  2. Thanks Chris,
    Glad you like them.
    Scratchbuilding does give unique results, doesn't it?

  3. Awesome conversion work! The detailing is great.

    1. Thanks Toby, this brings back memories... must scratchbuild some more vehicles 😊.
      Glad you like them.