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Friday 20 February 2015

Mesonai Part 2

Here are more painted Mesonai from Khurasan , I'm using his slugs ( can't remember what they're called as mesonai blood hounds ). There's also a converted NCO figure.

I decided to make the bases by mixing PVA glue with gloss acrylics to represent marsh/swamp.


Tuesday 10 February 2015

Painted Ork Fly Boxes 2

Added more pics, finished fighters ( wear & tear + lighting bolt insignia ), chopper / Gunship & bomber enjoy.


Sunday 8 February 2015


Started my Mesonai force.These minis are among  Khurasan's nicest imho. The detail they have is nothing short of excellent.Pity there aren't any kneeling ones...though I might convert one :):)

The vehicle is scratchbuilt. Camo represents an Alien jungle world
Hope you like them. Retouched the converted leader figure as I didn't like how he looked in the first pics.