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Monday 28 October 2019

More scratchbuilt vehicles

These are scratchbuilt vehicles which I built years back.
One is built out of card the other balsa.
I had plans to do 40k eldar vehicles but now i'll make
15mm shuttles or dropships.
As you can see they are simple designs , still wip.
Thanks for your comments.

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Building a card 15mm scifi grav vehiclr

Hello again all,
This is how to build a 15mm or any size grav vehicle.
Draw / sketch the outline until you have a general shape
you like , then finalise.
Trial & error is necessary to get a good shape that forms well when bent into shape.
A 0.7mm ball pen & metal scriber is used to score the card & & 0.3mm is used with stencils for the square shapes in this case.An 8mm stapler & a glue pen are very useful also.

If you are happy with a shape remember to copy it before assembling, otherwise it will be a hassle to remake it

Thanks for your comments.

Tuesday 8 October 2019

Scratchbuilt stairs or ladders anyone?

Hello again all,
Here is a simple method to build Scratchbuilt stairs or ladders in any scale width & length ,repeatedly the same by making a jig out of pvc & card.

Draw the stairs shape on card or thin mdf.
Cut using this tool enough 30 to 45 deg teeth.
Glue them on the sketch.
Glue support sides
Measure & cut enough pvc or sprue peices ( texture steps with pliers)
Insert in jig.
Glue & bob or george is your uncle 😁😁😁
You can cut  V notches in the bottom vertical ones so they can be glued to a larger horizontal peice for stability or glue it to a square mesh textured base

Go forth & multiply.
Thanks for your comments.

Saturday 5 October 2019

Scratchbuilt sprue 15mm mecha

Hello all ,
here are my latest builds.
I love building unique one offs. Almost 100% plastic sprue.
 I think I lost a year's worth of sanity building these !!! ;D Too many small bits.
Remember small mistakes look huge under the camera but they're only 15mm & once painted up most of them blend away.

Thanks for your comments. Z

Thursday 3 October 2019

Nuclear Shrimp 15mm Tecton Wraiths & Rangers

Another set of great minis from Nuclear Shrimp.
They make a great set of special forces.

These were originally called Stormtroopers, if I am not mistaken.
I converted the duplicate ones ( note easy to saw these minis with a jewellers saw BUT very easy to screw things up , so I would suggest converting only to experienced modellers. Tidied things up with milliput.) & made 2 as S.A.W. troopers.

Grey Undercoat, White zenithal, Them I painted them with a blue black ink mix.
Light drybrush with a light grey.
Tarmac bases painted with a textured paint made out of a mix of dark grey & fine marble powder. Light drybrush with a medium grey.
Went over them again , lining with fine brush & the blue black in.

End pics show comparison pics with The Scene Skov, GZG Kravac & NS Ranger.

Then you have the Rangers , lovely minis & great for death from above games. I got 18 more & I converted all into unique poses. Jewellers saw with the finest blade is your friend.

Thanks for your comments. Z