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Tuesday 8 October 2019

Scratchbuilt stairs or ladders anyone?

Hello again all,
Here is a simple method to build Scratchbuilt stairs or ladders in any scale width & length ,repeatedly the same by making a jig out of pvc & card.

Draw the stairs shape on card or thin mdf.
Cut using this tool enough 30 to 45 deg teeth.
Glue them on the sketch.
Glue support sides
Measure & cut enough pvc or sprue peices ( texture steps with pliers)
Insert in jig.
Glue & bob or george is your uncle 😁😁😁
You can cut  V notches in the bottom vertical ones so they can be glued to a larger horizontal peice for stability or glue it to a square mesh textured base

Go forth & multiply.
Thanks for your comments.


  1. Great idea using the pliers to texture the steps! I must give it a try.

  2. Glad you liked it Paul.
    You certainly should :)
    Just get pliers that have a nice jaw texture AND are comfortable to squeeze. Squeeze with both hands to avoid Carpal Tunnel syndrome ( which I get from time to time due to loads of scratchbuilding or diy :( )