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Sunday 6 July 2014

Armies Army CommonWealth Minis

Hello again all,
My wife asked what I would like for my B'Day & I immediately thought of the minis I'd liked to get from AA.So here is the first painted mini, review. & size comparisons.

Service & communication - Keith is a great guy & takes the trouble to answer your questions quickly. I would recommend him as a seller.I had originally mistakenly thought he was the sculptor but he said that Martin Baker is the one that does his minis ( I think he does stuff for Rebel minis also )

Price - very good , I got my minis at 10% discount , don't know whether the discount is still on.He can be contacted on

Flash & mould lines - Almost Negligible & easily fixed.
I must say that I have one with a gun barrel incompletely cast / short  but this can be easily fixed also.I will lengthen the squad Saw barrels. The one that comes with the support pack is excellent ( now that is a support weapon ) . I will be extending the sniper rifles' barrel also.

Overall - At first I was a bit skeptic about getting the Commonwealth minis as their helmets/heads seemed a bit too large for their bodies but when seen in the flesh ( metal) they look very scifi indeed & fit very well with other ranges.The ones with berets are perfect & are very nice indeed.
The Rusk have smaller heads/helmets ( still have to take pics ) & might appeal more to you.
The minis are around 18mm tall & 20mm if one adds the thick base.The base needs filing down flat as most of them will not stand upright but this doesn't take long to do.Use a larger rougher file for this as a smaller one will get clogged up in no time.

I would highly recommend these minis.He has loads of poses.
I'm sure that the slight problems will be phased out once AA becomes established.

I Still have to rate the BTR290's & the Rusk.

Hope you find this helpful

Ministerial Pacificator - Sgt. Major George T. Ironside, Commonwealth Contingent CO



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