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Wednesday 19 February 2014

Sculpting in PVC

I needed to do an Eldar fleet for BFG in a hurry, but I couldn't afford to buy one.At the time I was scratch building a flying droid & I said why not try to do an Eldar ship ... and here's what I came up with . I'm posting it here as the possibilities are endless.

All you need are small, different shaped files, sharp blades ( mind your fingers ) small drill bits, fine grade sandpaper 600 or 800 grit , a small hacksaw or model saw & superglue. Pvc is virtually inseparable when glued with superglue..... and as usual imagination.Different thicknesses of Pvc are suggested.

I've also included the finished models compared to some original GW ones so you can see that Pvc is a very good medium.

They may look rough & ready but remember that a camera brings out all the small faults etc which normally do not show under the naked eye.

Hope you find this inspirational

Sunday 16 February 2014

Necromunda Terrain

Here are some pics of the Necromunda terrain I did out of card & polycarbonate sheet offcuts of different sizes.Hot glues, quick drying Pva & a hand stapler were used in the build.
The perforations were done with a heavy duty spiral binding machine. The overall effect is quite nice. You can also use them to create a simple mortise joint like they do in woodworking, thus your building will be that much stronger.Here's a pic of an actual mortice joint.The card one won't have a shoulder but it would be strong just the same.Necromunda terrain must per force be sturdier than other wargaming terrain because you have walways & these , especially with metal minis on them create stress.

Last but not least put a sense of humour if you can, in your terrain, it will make a difference.
GW plastic Catachan converted into Orlocks .I needed to do a gang in a hurry so I painted them in a basic way.

Necromunda Express walkway

Clear example of polycarbonate plastic.

Better to warn the gangers,don't want them breaking the law. Yeah right.

Ugly Joe's best Rat Burgers in town !!!

Rambo , every bodies' hero.

Slime or somebody's dinner ,one slip & down you go, every ganger's nightmare, falling off that is. Pva + fluorescent green paint & dribble away with a toothpick