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Friday 31 December 2021

18mm GZG Scifi Desert Tribes

These are the latest minis brought out by GZG,
They are quite nice . Would be excellent for a Lawrence of Arabia theme along with the Islamic Federation, which i'll be posting later. They would also work great with the new vehicles from Brigade but I still have to get those.

I think they can also be used for modern middle eastern scenarios easily.

Thanks for your comments.

This guy looks like an Apache from Western films. Can be used as an Indian scout character.

15/18mm Scifi Home Away Team - Firefly Crew

Hello again all,
Here's another team.
Everyone's favourite the team from firefly. Minis are GZG. Lovely sculpts & full of character.
Thanks for your comments


Wednesday 29 December 2021

15/18mm Scifi Home Away Team - BonzoKorp

Hello again,
Another team this time BonzoKorp.

Micropanzer Merka 11 Hard suit away Team .... lovely solid minis , pity there are only 3 sculpts.

Thanks for your comments. Z

Scratchbuilt 18mm Alien Cavalry

Hello again all,
been meaning to do these for quite some time.... thinking & wondering how I would do the riders.
The day before yesterday I said today's the day & just built them  without giving much thought. Sometimes things come out nice when you just let your creativity go and not think too much.

Brownstuff & bits & bobs.

Pity I only had 3 of the first edition plastic termaguants whereas I have a lot of the blue genestealers. 

Thanks for your comments. 

And here they are painted up. Quite like how they came out.
Thanks for your comments

Tuesday 28 December 2021

15/18mm Scifi Home Away Team - Lula's Daughters

Here's the 2nd team.

Lula's Daughters. 
All minis are Alternative Armies except for the Darkest star terminator like droid on the left.

Lula is the white dressed one, Juliah her Empath/Companion/Doc on the left, Shyra her pilot on the right. Tayl her mechSimian on the left . Armed guards on the rear.

Still need to do the bases.

Thanks for your comments

Monday 27 December 2021

15/18mm Scifi Home Away Team - Blue One

Hello again all,
I have various minis that do not fall into a specific category, so I was thinking, what if I do small teams like home away teams for games like 5 Parsecs , Stargrunt etc.... Fun to make/convert & paint as I would only have a few minis.

So here is my first one. Blue oNe.
Minis are heavily converted Armies Army now Brigade penal legion. I love these minis, simple versatile design.

The AnT's ( Autonomous Neural Trackers ? ) Drones/Droids/Engines were built so -

Heads - Earbuds
Legs -  Fire Extinguisher Lock Pin ties
Weapons/ Instruments - The front plastic bit of a flossing ( tool ? )

I decided to use irregularly shaped cut 2mm card for bases for a non standard look.

Just to add the inspiration for the figure conversion came from this mini, which I bought some 40 years ago -  Ral Partha 1977!!!

I found these spray cans very good for base coats & cheap to boot also.

Thanks for your comments.