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Saturday 30 November 2019

15mm scifi Armies Army - Sons of Muzambe - Afrikaan United Nations

 2175 , Planet Nuerobi.

Armies Army minis + scratchbuilt vehicles & air portable howitzers.

Thanks for your comments


GZG Kravak 15mm scifi

Hello agaain all,
Here are my GZG Kravak.
Scratchbuilt vehicles. Paper banners.

I chose a purple / violet colour scheme. Flesh is yellow with a crimson wash. Helmet eyes & other energy sources painted in green/blue//Fluorescent yellow.

I tried a new system for the base. Ground dried paint + white glue + ground florist oasis + paint.
It mixes into a creamy consistency but when dry this becomes gritty. This is very effective.
Black grass made from a white board duster.

These minis are nice in a chunky way, in my opinion a mix between Klingon & Predator.
Would make great mercs or bodyguards also.
The hounds would make great Khorne Hellhounds.

The jetbikes are great minis, detailed minis if a bit fiddly to build.

Thanks for your comments.

15mm scifi Ion Age -Two Suns Brotherhood

Hello again all,
A brotherhood of human soldiers of fortune, hailing fro a planet with 2 suns.
Ion Age minis,scratchbuilt mechs & vechicles.
3 of the mecha are shield bearers ( magnetised) designed to absorb fire aimed at the troops hiding behind them.The other 3 have missile launchers and all 6 have energy cannons.

Thanks for your comments. Z