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Wednesday 4 November 2020

Termirons - 15/18mm Terminators / Necrons

Hello again all,
Here is my take on Terminator / Necrons.
Models are Kryomek Nexus Talos ( to be used as medium mecha ) , The Scene Heavy robots ( to be used as PA) , the Scourge ( to be used as Grunts) by Rebel Minis and Puppetwars cyber spiders ( to be used as repair droids )

I'm always on the search to paint minis as quickly & efficiently as possible, otherwise the lead mountain will remain just so.

These are metal minis so it would be counter productive to undercoat , basecoat , paint etc... so I said why not use the metal as a the final finish. Here's how to do it.

Blue / Black wash 
Then dry buff ( i.e. without a polishing medium ) to remove top most paint layer. Re do the wash if and where necessary.
Eyes and energy cell glow painted first with a GW Jade green + Vallejo Flo mix , then a small wash of GW Hexwraith glow finished by a light, light blue drybrush.

For the cyber spiders the buffing is not done as they're resin models.

I think they came out quite good and one good easily do an army very quickly.

Resistance is futile.....and they will be back 

Thanks for your comments.

And here they are all finished , the funny thing is that I spent more time on the green glow effects than on the models themselves. Some of them took more than 6 thin coats to finish, Duncan Rhodes would be happy. Vallejo Flo Yellow + GW Hexwraith glow was used to build the glow bit by bit but the end effect is worth it.

Sunday 1 November 2020

Finished 15/18mm scifi Scratch Built Prime Movers & Gitungi vehicles

Hello again all,
Here are the Finished Prime Movers & Gitungi vehicles

You can see the starting point here

and here

I like painting gritty well used vehicles. Parade ground uniforms & vehicles are not my thing
unless they are specifically going to be used as such.

The bottom piece can be changed

Thanks for your comments.