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Thursday 27 August 2015

Frontier Town Watch Station

Hello again all,
To continue with the Borderlands theme here's is what I did with Dave Graffam's Watch station which can be found here -

Dirt cheap great  paper model with loads of excellent building possibilities. I sized it to 15mm scale. As you can see it makes a big difference printing on a laser printer. I painted extra numbers and wear and tear.

Now all I need is a Sheriff and a deputy.

I made a 2' x 2' board , bought from Dave Graffam and modified with 4 entrances.

May you be inspired.

Friday 21 August 2015

Borderlands terrain

I decided to finally build some terrain inspired on the Borderlands Xboc /Pc game .This terrain can be used both for 15 & 28mm. All made of card , plastic sprue, Pvc board and foam board. I'll be doing the struts next.
If anyone one wants scans of my not so perfect plans please send me a mail at
It is stable but I will be sticking it to a wider piece so that it can act as a Heli pad. 
All the tower needs is railings on the top.


This are the tools I used for cutting round objects.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Space hulk terrain

Hello all,
Here's something I did using Bugbait's original pic ( the first and second pics).
Bugbait liked what I did with his idea so that's great also.

I can send pdf's if you'd like but the jpg's should be enough.

I know this will be useful.