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Tuesday 1 May 2018

Black Earth 6mm UEF Hulk Suits

Hello again all started to paint the Blackearth 6mm suits for 15mm.
Still a wip.
Grey primer, dark brown wash, dry brushing with 3 different shades of grey. Then shading with watered down light grey. Detail & edging in white.

Nice minis to paint with loads of detail.

Can imagine what the 15mm version will be like when it ships from their KS plus there's a heavier version also. I saw the 3D prints and they look impressive.

I'm thinking about using them for my SDZ faction ( Sons & Daughters of Zion )
I have some 15mm IDF decals that will fit the bill perfectly.

I changed my mind they are great for AEWW2 eg. to play Konflict 47.
Here they are next to Clockwork Goblin US light walker & German power armour & Psc 15mm Germans.They look great ...

Does anyone know where I can find a couple of Clockwork Goblin Bazooka & Panzer Schreck Power armour teams, please ?

Thanks for your comments