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Friday, 7 February 2014

Tracks,tracks & more tracks. Need tracks ? Here's how to make them

Hello again all,
This is my first blog & i've reached 1000+ hits thanks to you .As a small thank you I decided to show you how to make simple tracks for any vehicle & most probably for any scale from 6mm to 30mm.

Pc's & electronics in general offer the scratchbuilder loads of material to use & this is a clear example.
Here's an IDE flat cable , this comes in different shapes & sizes & for those not tech savvy  is used to connect hard disks, floppy disk drives, cd's etc. It can also be found in SCSI type.
Simply use a small screw driver to remove the black connectors' side clips, as seen in pic. once you remove this the connector can be prised off  ( I teach H&s and so I cannot over stress the need to be careful.Your eyes & fingers are priceless. DO take care of them. Follow basic safety rules & wear safety gear ). Once you prise all 2 or 3 out flatten the cable & put it under a heavy flat object. The connecters make great missile launchers & the metal connections found inside make excellent aerials & pins.Pull these out with a thin flat long nose pliers .Once you decide on the width you can cut it out and glue with superglue to the desired shape.Here are some designs I did .I used plastic tank wheels or wooden wheel with small blobs of white glue for rivets.Oh btw I suggest you glue the wheels first on a sturdy piece of plastic/card/wood first.
Top L/h WW2 1/72 Panther wheels,top r/h 1/76 T34 wheels,middle right 1/76 Pzkpfw 4 wheels.Btm row wooden wheels

Here are examples on an MDF vehicle I'm building

Hope someone finds this useful



  1. Neat! Very nice idea.

  2. Hello, I saw this post on G+, and wanted to say what a great idea, and one I am sure I will use.
    Thanks for the idea.

  3. Very clever indeed sir. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You're more than welcome,I'll post another idea soon.....