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Sunday 14 January 2018

Shiban Uharu Corporation Part 4

Hello again all,
Here are the whole lot almost ready.With hindsight I definitely prefer doing the cracks with paintbrush rather than pen as pen has to be continuously cleaned
Not sure whether to add more eye candy, Japanese numerals , more wear & tear & some sashimono style back banners.
Thanks for your comments

Monday 8 January 2018

Shiban Uharu Corporation Part 3

Hello again all,
Here are pics of the latest models.
Brigade Shaman medium tank is one of the nicest models around & a joy to paint.
Since I used the grav bed for the spg I decided to build another one for the truck. Longer & with different drop in bits. A tanker, a troop/supply one & a AA missile system.

I used a different painting technique this time.
The previous models had camp done with 0.5mm marker pens whilst this were done by brush. Both systems have their merits. As you can see the ones done with brush are less jagged.
Can't say which I like best.
If there's enough response I'll make a guide on how to scratch build your vehicles.

Thanks for your comments.

Wednesday 3 January 2018

GZG & Khurasan - Shiban Uharu Corporation Part 2

Hello again All,
All the best for the New Year.
Just a quick update on these Japanese themed minis.
Must say that this army is one of the most that took time to do, mostly because I experimented on how to do a convincing cracked desert scheme.
Still a work in progress but getting there bit by bit.

The Brigade jeeps/small trucks are a lovely piece of work but my fav choice must be the GZG Jap Power armour guys. One doesn't appreciate how lovely these are until one starts to paint them.
Kudos to the sculptor.

Thanks for your comments. Z