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Tuesday 13 February 2024

15/18mm Sci-Fi Home Away Team - Team Votann

These are 3d printed space dwarfs ( great as Votann ) from Capritor 

Very nice minis & I would like to print them in a large scale eventually. I bet they would look great kitbashed with left over GW Votann or Prospector parts.

Murder on the eyes at 15/18mm but the detail stays at that scale also. The sand coloured metal mini from Micropanzer is 18mm from foot to head.

This one ( the 1st one they did ) is my Favourite

Thanks for your comments. Z

Some more Papsikels Droids in 18mm

Hello again all,
These are another set of 3d printed droids from Papsikels.
Printed in small & large format.
Nice minis if a bit fiddly in 18mm. One must shore them up especially the ankles as they 
can ( will) easily snap off. Note that the print lines are virtually invisible at this scale.

Thanks for your comments. Z

USMC 18mm Power Armour & Jet bikes

Hello again all,
Another post for the USMC.
Kit bashed & 3D printed Jump Pack Power Armour ( KMFP Siege Armour )  & Jet bikes ( Various Artists) 
Quite pleased how they came out.
I'm starting to like 3d kitbashing a lot though I must say that plastic,card & glue gives quicker & more readily visible results.

Thanks for your comments. Z