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Friday 22 September 2023

Scratch built 18mm USMC Scifi Lander Part 2

Hello again all,
The engines have been done. All magnetised. This will give me the ability to use them on other builds.
I did not think it would be this large but everything can be dismantled for easy storage. This is a very important consideration if storage space is lacking. Fruit pack caps for the turbo fans & old camera film roll for the jet engines.
The legs are made of cut down teeth flossers ( since they have a 90deg angled head ) and disposable razor heads.

Thanks for your comments.

Thursday 14 September 2023

Scratch built 18mm USMC Scifi Lander

It has been some time since I scratch built something.
I got these 6mm minis which are great for 15/18mm also & decided to build them a transport, sort of a Sci-Fi Chinook.

These are my Usmc in space. Possibilities are endless .
Quite nice minis with very nice poses especially the seated ones, though I did kitbash them like the side HMG gunner who is prone in the set.

The Transport's build is mostly card with egg plastic carton bits ( the transparent plastic parts ). The front part can be detached from the back with a slot and magnet. Back can carry infantry & vehicles/drones.

I will do 2 engine versions -  Atmospheric turbo fans ( juice pack caps ) and Space travel Jet engines ( empty 35mm film roll cases which I had for years ). Magnets & thin galvanised sheet metal sheets will be used to enable quick change. Sheet metal is used in engineering but any iron based food can like a sardine can's lid can be used ( careful very sharp ) . Use a magnet to check tin before buying ๐Ÿ˜‰at the supermarket. Or simply just use 2 magnets . easier.

Magnets & sheet metal bits will also be used throughout to hold back door & infantry in place. The side doors can be covered with card/foam pieces.

Must think of a suitable Usmc name for it now. Marines have a particular way to name things & these names always seem to stick like gum to a shoe. Suggestions ?

Front part can be place at different heights. Next landing gear will be done ( thanks to Warmonkey for pointing this out ). I will have to find a way to make the landing gear height adjustable. 3d printed perhaps ?

Thanks for your comments.

Grey Aliens - Home away team

And yet another post .
These are grey aliens , also found for free on the Internet.
Scientists & warriors.
Spindly but have great detail.
The leader's googles are kitbashed.

I think printing smaller than this would make them too fragile. These were printed with a 50/50 mix of Elegoo water washable and their ABS 2 like resins. It does make a difference & models are more durable.

All settings left as is BUT I found that medium supports are have much better success rate than thin ones.

Thanks for your comments.

CyberForce Marines and Support Mechs

Another post of 3d printed minis.
Nice chonky PA minis.
These are Cyber force marines from Cyber forge.
The mechs were found for free on the Internet.

Thanks for your comments.

FKMSA Advance Battle Droid Armoured Vanguard Units from Papsikels

Hello again all,
Just finished these 3d printed droids from Papsikels.
Lovely minis. 

I would gladly use them for Killteam as Space Marines as well as 18mm Heavy droids.
They are based on 40mm bases. Figure on the back is an 18mm metal mini from Micropanzer

Thanks for your comments. Z