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Sunday 23 April 2017

More Terrain + Matchbox Vehicles.

To continue with my terrain pics here is some stuff that I've just finished.

Signs are sprue + card. Pics from magazines  or freehand.
Shroom Wood are mostly natural stuff on a hard foam base. Shrooms are milliput ( they had been sitting around for years , waiting for a suitable base. Can be used for Fantasy & Scifi . Can be used for multiple scales.

I thought I'd share pics of 2 great Matchbox vehicles I found. Can't beat the style or the price. Unfortunately I only found 1 of each

I have added the fake Chinese alphabet I used, for those who want to write faux Chinese billboards without the risk of writing silly ( to say the least ) things.


Thanks for your comments. Z

Tuesday 4 April 2017

Hand Made Gaming Boards.

Hello again all,
I have been experimenting with gaming boards for quite some time.

The idea is to have Portability,Strength, Beauty, Versatility & easy Storage.
The boards can be used with any scale, especially since they can be folded by 2 or 4.

So here are the boards - The 1st 4 are double sided 5mm 4 ft x 3ft Foam board & the rest are either cloth or canvas. For the former I printed A3's ( difficult to avoid wrinkles ) & stuck them together & I hand painted the latter .

1) Mars Terrain made up from real Nasa Mars pictures ( Reddish Sand)
2) Mercs Free download able terrain  ( Green Grass + Brown earth )
3) Hex Terrain ( various shades of grey , allows easy movement & I can use my black pillar terrain with it - have to make more if I want to fill the board ) . Board can also be used for starship corridors etc.
4) Dirty snow terrain ( I took photos of dried salt pens & did them up on the Pc )

5) Roll able canvas hand painted beach scene ( D-Day style etc )
6) Alien Arid brown terrain ( Roll able hand painted cloth )

Very enjoyable to do if frustrating at times to align the printed A3's. Much cheaper than buying ready made ones. You need some skill for the painted ones. Must advice is to choice a map you like  ( eg. Heroic Maps ) & try it out. It is very satisfying once ready.

My Fav one is the Beach scene. I would strongly recommend a wet on wet painting technique. This should yield better blending results.
You can also airbrush it also with very good results.

Canvas, I must add that it is susceptible to silverfish ( i.e. being eaten by insects like paper books ) & also to mildew, so be careful where you store them.
Enjoy & may you be inspired.

Thanks for your comments. Z