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Monday 27 September 2021

Converted 1st edition spacehulk termies - 10 to 28mm

Hello again all ,
I had a number of 1st edition spacehulk termies  which i had no use for , so I decide to convert them.

I had to remove a lot of material on each so I was left with just the basic torso with no head, arms or legs.
Then I built an new torso & head using plastic sprue & milliput.
Then I made a press mould using reusable green stuff world blue rubber.

Mould was then filled with milliput & torso pressed into it. A bit of cleaning & filing then the arms & legs were done using sprue.

10 in all -  2 sgt, 2 heavy & 6 line troopers. 2 are to be shield bearers, though I haven't sussed out how to fit the shield & make it removable.
The centaur like heavy support was done later as I had 1 torso left.

They can be used for anything from 10 to 28mm and I think it is a good way to make use of minis which have no use to the owner. As usual reduce, reuse  and above all recycle.

Can't wait to paint them up....

Thanks for your comments. 

Monday 20 September 2021

Some 3d 18mm sci fi stuff I working on

Hello again all,
A new post after quite some time.
Here is some 18mm scifi work I did using 3d Builder.
A simple and versatile program do use but it could do with some updates. like more tools.
To me it's like digital scratch building but I would love to learn Blender .....

I did 3 hover trucks, though if truth be told I kit bashed the hover skirts from a model I found on thingy verse as I couldn't figure out how to do it in the prog.


Jet bikes...... the wings / engine are not merged so can be turned the other way round. Below you can see the single seater one & heavy support version for Gzg's IF.

I also built a drone ( the red one ), it has different wings & reversed tail + card fins.

The trucks are draft printed with Gzg minis for scale. Future ones will be printed with variable heights using Prusa slicer.

An update - 25/09/21
Just added pics of my take on dropships - They are basically Spin washing liquid caps, saved before getting thrown away. Just a simple 3d printed ring + fins + door and add a 50mm diameter pipe, the one I used is similar to a silicone sealer tube..

I think  it would work well for Battletech / Mechwarrior also. Bit small for 28/32mm but it can get away with being used as an escape pod. Best thing it's free  & saves time,  it would take around 2 - 3 hrs to print on an FDM.

Thanks for your comments.