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Friday 7 April 2023

Weird World War 2 --15/18mm German Mechs

Hello again all,
Here are my first 2 AEWW2 German medium mechs. 
I think they can easily be used in another steampunk/dieselpunk setting.

These are 3D printed & bought from Filamentio. 
Lovely posable ( ball & socket) models with very nice detail. 

They are designed for 28/32mm so building & re supporting in 15/18mm takes time ( tedious sometimes) but worthwhile. Note that I kitbashed the MG42 pintle mount & inserted a steel needle in it to make it stronger.
I love the bars ( bull bars?) on these models & this was the main reason I added loads of stowage.

If you're into this genre + sci-fi , he has more great mechs & vehicles. I will be printing & showing more... Plus also scifi ones not just AEWW2.
These will be used with my previous models ( still a lot to do ) Black-earth-6mm-uef-hulk-suits.html

Thanks for your comments.