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Monday 4 July 2016

Scratchbuilt Lander Mark 2 Part 3

Third part.

Lander 2 has been detailed as much as possible , mostly with copper wire, soft steel wire , plastic sprues and card
Still undecided on the paint most probably grey & black but may go for orange.& green. I have taken comparison pics with 5,15 & 25mm & Lander 1.


Saturday 2 July 2016

ATV's ,Starport Stuff, Professor & Goons

Here are the ATV's finished ... I added other Star port stuff also
Lost sleep to finish these & Lander 2 but I think it was worth it.

Went nearly mad to make that free dangling bucket on the green one but I like it. It has almost everything on it bar the kitchen sink but I envisage it as a prospectors/miner's vehicle and so equipped to the full.

The Red one is an exploration vehicle, something like a Mars rover.

Everything used on them is scratch built.and I really like how the suspensions came out . The wheels could have come out better but they'll do especially when painted & weathered

The Prof & gang have been retouched & the cargo is all scratch built also.

The Star port was a Free Star wars Miniatures floor plan Download which I printed & stuck onto a 2 1/2 ft square thick card.

 The ATV is now complete with a trailer. Main body is an HP Inkjet ink cartridge.


See the bucket dangles!!!