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Tuesday 31 March 2020

15mm Scratchbuilt card - Scifi Grundar Vehicle Mk2

Hello again all ,
Here is another build. I am going to present it bit by bit so that it is easy to follow.
Very straight forward build.
Wheels are made of  2 milk carton caps + wine bottle cork spacer + 1" nail + 2 part epoxy glue.

I was looking at this double decker type vehicle & it didn't look quite right so I decide to cut it in half & ended up with 2 cabins.

Decided on 1 & built it.

and finished.... and since I was asked how I will paint it here is the sequence.

Spray cans black undercoat, grey undercoat zenithal...

A wash of green brown ink
All edges / rivets lined with black blue ink
Dry brush with buff / ivory
Decals added ( GW Tau )
Rust added with nut brown & orange brown
Mud spatters & tyres made with watered down buff
Chipping added with sponge - black , white and brush light grey

Lamps where first painted with mithril silver, then a blob of white glue in the recess then ultra gloss varnish.

Thanks for your comments.

Sunday 29 March 2020

15mm Micropanzer, 15mm co uk , GZG & Khurasan - Various Scifi minis

Hello again all,
I'm taking the opportunity to paint some of my collections, some of which I had for years.
15mm Micropanzer, 15mm co uk , GZG & Khurasan
Thanks for your comments.