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Saturday 17 December 2016

WH40k Chaos possessed

Hello again all,
Having painted the Gorechosen , I decided to paint WH40k Chaos possessed which had been waiting for around 5 years or more to be painted. More than half of them are converted from the basic set , old set & some Loyalist marine legs.
I used the same method to paint them as I used for the Gorechosen.

Black undercoat
Light Brass spray
Very light Gold spray on top parts only
Block basic colours in  ( Various shades of Red & Purple )
Wash with W&N Peat brown.
Highlight with base colours & steel/gunmetal

I always go for a dark palette which I think suits well for WH40k especially Chaos.
Weather didn't permit that I coat them with Matt varnish that's why they have a slight sheen.