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Wednesday 10 February 2016

Novacorp Outpost

Hello again ,
I have just posted all the pics I have for the Nova corp Outpost.
These were made using Plastic Toy Robot shields something like those of Japanese robots see pic below.
1 whole and the other 2 are 1 sawn in half . They can easily be made of card, though.
I mounted them on 3mm mdf bases + card  + wire + olive oil caps + Antenocities doors.

They are truly a work of love and I had invested quite a number of hours on them .They were originally made for the Dropship competition along with the Rebel Minis Hamr Mk2 walker & the GZG 15mm Nsl and I was truly disappointed when I didn't place in the first 3 places with any of them but obviously had to abide by the judges decisions.
Better luck next time I guess.

I used different shades of ink mostly to paint them

Anyway here are the pics.

Borderlands Terrain Finished , Space Port ,Power Plant & Shuttles

Hello again all,
Had a free weekend & decided to finish these models. All for the Nova Corporation setting, the models that had started it all are at the end of this post, these were made for the Dropship horizon competition in 2014

Borderlands style Air traffic control,VTOL, Shuttle , Power Plant ( used to be a Necromunda model) see here ,

I plan to use these for a space port setting and a frontier town settlement together with my other models.
See here

Frontier Watch Station & Borderlands Terrain


and Landers / flyers

What's a government building without a bit of graffiti :):):)

and as always may you be inspired to do your own