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Sunday 24 May 2020

Yet another Scratchbuilt sprue 15mm mecha

Hello again all,
Yet Scratchbuilt sprue 15mm mecha ....+ a Card hull.

I simply love plastic sprue. I would imagine tons of it gets thrown away each year.
Wish companies would do something about it .
They can just simply machine rivets on them & no one will throw them away any more as
they'll be used for terrain..

Added more detail. Pistons, tools , feet.... mostly made out of.. guess what ?  yes you've guessed right... sprue. 😉

And card .. off course.

On the bottom are pics of the finished model

Thanks for your comments. 

Tuesday 19 May 2020

More vechiles for 15mm modern/scifi

Hello again 
Here are some more vehicles.
Matchbox 1/64th diecasts
Matchbox 1/76th kits
Chinese make scale unknown diecasts.

As you can see all are great for 15mm moderns/scifi with little if any modification .Obviously you can convert them using plastuc sprue, card and pvc sheet.
As one can see the new GZG gunners really shine. Just imagine a 50 ton truck hurtling at speed with 
3 or more hmg's blasting. Zombie crushing time.

Painted models at the bottom

Thanks for your comments.

Monday 18 May 2020

Converted 1/72nd - 1/76th jeeps to 15mm scifi Vehicles.

Hello again all,
I had these 2 Airfix jeep kits & another busted one and I decided
to convert them to 15mm scifi Vehicles.
Card was used for the various panels.
The new GZG gunners are excellent for this and I would
imagine they would be great for choppers , trucks etc.

The jeeps can be used as open topped, with a gunner and 
 also as a closed with a topper + turret / missile launcher.

I decided to change the gun shields from card to credit card plastic which is stronger.

These are the tools I use most. Sharpened broken blades and steel points.

Thanks for your comments.