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Thursday 29 August 2019

Simple sprue spider droid

Hello again all,
These beige sprues are from the first Killteam box terrain.
See the middle part of the sprue looks like a spider & with simple cuts & bends, it becomes one.
So ask your mates not too throw them away.
After this post I wouldn't be surprised to see them on Ebay also !!!

The grey ones are doable but require more work. Again simple sprue & half a BB ball.


Thanks for your comments. Z

Thursday 22 August 2019

Converting 1/76th Plastic kits to 18/20mm scifi.

Hello again all,
Here is my take on converting 1/76th Plastic kits to 18/20mm scifi.
I got  JB models 1/76th Saladin & 2 Saracens kits .

I my opinion these are small when compared to 18mm minis , though they are good for pure 15mm. I decided to make them bigger by sawing them in half & inserting plasticard strips. I also used card & sprue for the build. It does take serious thinking & measurements to get the pieces the right size but it is do able not impossible.

I realised that the original wheels are small so I decided to use larger ones .I had to use plastic sprues as axles.

The Apc's would looked good as Imperial Guard Taurox.
They do look nice packed with riding infantry. The problem would be whether to glue them or not  & use blue tack.

Thanks for your comments. Z

Scratch-built Card 15mm Grav Vehicle.

Hello again all,
People often ask me how I scratch build my vehicles.
Here is a simple way to scratch build a grav one. It should be easy to follow.
Even if you draw & take measurements , it is a trial & error exercise.
It is not difficult , you just have to imagine the final ( sort of ) shape.
I have also finished the one which I converted from the rogue one cockpit ( previous posts )
The turrets are made from PVC ( like the ones that are used for notice boards )If you have questions just ask.
At the bottom I added comparison pictures of 2 resin grav vehicles which I had bought from LordNth.

Thanks for your comments. Z