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Thursday 29 August 2019

Simple sprue spider droid

Hello again all,
These beige sprues are from the first Killteam box terrain.
See the middle part of the sprue looks like a spider & with simple cuts & bends, it becomes one.
So ask your mates not too throw them away.
After this post I wouldn't be surprised to see them on Ebay also !!!

The grey ones are doable but require more work. Again simple sprue & half a BB ball.


Thanks for your comments. Z


  1. Amazing Zruny! You're bloody clever with your creations :)

  2. Hello I'm Z, i'm an addict 🙃.....
    Thanks Mr.P, what can I say? I simply love plastic...
    & I have tons of sprues stashed away.Would love to create so much more.


  3. Thank you Skully.
    Simple but nice, right? & above all FREE!!!
    Glad you like them... now go find someone who bought the 1st killteam box set...😁
    That's what I did ,I got them from a mate of mine... after saying pretty please haha..what are mates for???
    Could have had 2 sets but my other mate simply threw them away 😔