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Sunday 24 May 2015

Rebel Minis and Old Crow dropships

Had some time on my hands this weekend and I painted these 3 aircraft which I had for some time.Rebel Minis drop ship for my Cossacks and Old Crow drop ship for my Space British Expeditionary force.Also painted my scratchbuilt fast attackt craft "Falcon". Their colour scheme is like their respective forces which can be seen  on my other posts.


Sunday 3 May 2015

More Scratchbuilds and conversions

Hello again all,
Thought I'd share some of my latest stuff.

A grazing creature which I plan to make a number of for a Gruntz scenario.I called him big head for now for want of a better name. Made out of milliput. The female is a converted knight. I converted all of them to female , for my all female unit.
Last but not least is another Gruntz Heavy Mech using an old GW SM + sprue. I left it bare skeleton so that all can see how it is built.

These are the card armour plates before fitting to model.