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Friday 5 August 2022

Scratch built or converted 18mm Scifi vehicles

Hello again,
These are failed 3d prints . All are PLA. Used card, other 3d printed parts etc to make something out of them , instead of throwing them away. 

Thanks for your comments. Z

Scratchbuilt 18mm Scifi Desert Buildings

Hello again all,
Some years back, I was about to throw away a large piece of packaging EPS when I noticed that it had squarish holes which could be used to make something. I painted the inside of these holes with acrylic paint & sprayed expanding foam in them. The acrylic didn't serve as a release as intended & I had to break of the packaging but I was left with 5 squarish pieces of hard foam.

Last week I was looking at them , musing if I should throw them away ( too much stuff /ideas, too little time , as a usual)  & this idea came. Using packing carton shapes for fruit cut into roundish shapes & matchsticks I did this ( 4 to go ). Extras are 3d printed or card.

And now they are 5. In the last pic I put one used for melons on top of the 3. Quick, differently nice & effective .

Thanks for your comments. Z